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1. Congratulations on your new, very good web site! Thank you for adding this great resource to the Internet. I appreciate your attention to detail. I look forward to seeing your progress in completing the site. This should prove to be an outstanding benefit to all collectors of British India coins! Best regards, J. Franklin Campbell Mason, Michigan (USA)

2. Hello Dr Saheb, I just recently went through your website and found that it was really done up very well. To be more precise it was done systematically. Please accept my congratulations and good wishes for the same.
Take care. With warm regards, Jyothi Kaul
3. Dear sir, Saw your website on british coins. I am a fledgling numismatist. I have been collecting Indian coins for the last ten years or so. I have been collecting rather aimlessly ranging from kushan drachms to mughal coinage to princely states and british indian coinage. After seeing your website which has been so painstakingly and lovingly constructed, I have become inspired to focus on a particular period to the exclusion of others. Anyway thanx a lot for the greatly educative website.
take care Nandini
4. Hello Prof, Saw your excellent site and was very pleased, keep it up. Let us know if we can be of any help in your excellent work, Best wishes Farokh Todywalla

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