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 I have been a British India coins collector since 1970.  I also collect British India bank notes and stamps. In addition I collect Republic of India coins, bank notes and stamps. From RBI governor S. Venkataramanan up to Y. V. Reddy I have collected all notes in serial no 888888. Another favorite hobby of mine has been gardening with nearly 800 different species of Cactus plants in > 2500 pots in my collection.

     I am Dr. Jinadatha B working as a professor in J J M medical college Davangere, Karnataka, INDIA. My elder son Chetan is working as a physician at Scott and White hospital in Temple, Texas, USA and my younger son Avinash is working as a Paediatrician in Alfred Edward Royal Infirmary, Wigan, England.  Both of them are deeply interested in these hobbies.  My wife Usha, my sons & my daughter in law Ushma have actively helped me in building this collection and in exhibiting them.

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Prof & HOD of Physiology,
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Karnataka, India
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#426, Cactus garden, 8th Cross, 
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Aim of this web site
a) There is a need for a gold standard for all the collectors as there are different classifications suggested by various authors. This website can be used to achieve this goal.
b) There are many coins, which are listed in books that may not be existing at all ex: 1 anna 1936 Calcutta mint, 1/12 anna 1881 and 1896.
c) A minor variation is called as a new variety by few authors which may not merit the status, never the less this website can be used to share the idea.
d) I wish this website will help coin collectors to identify and arrange their coins properly.
e) All books list the coins denomination & year wise. If you are exhibiting the coins this method of arrangement looks monotonous. Hence I have arranged all coins, from 1/12 anna to gold mohur coins of a given year on one board as shown in the picture.
f) Checklist of all coins from 1862-1947 is available on this site along with obverse, reverse classifications and mintmarks with illustrations and photographs.

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1) I thank my mother Bommakka and my wife Usha who encouraged me in my many hobbies. My children Chetan and Avinash helped me in all aspects of this hobby such as identifying & arranging, these coins for exhibitions, searching different literature, giving lectures on these hobbies. They helped me inspite of their medical education which needs lot of time and effort. Even to now they are  helping and encouraging me in preparing this website though they are in different countries. Without their interest  my collection would have been meaningless. I also want to thank my daughters in law Ushma & Prajna for her valuable input in the making of this website.

2) Dr Shivaji Brid  professor of physiology and friend and colleague who has taken thousands of wonderful photos. I admire his patience and for spending lot of his valuable time for me.

3) Sri Mounesh Achari & Yuvaraj Achari,  has taken huge responsibility  for preparing this website. They are calm and intelligent and tried to understand what I wanted and the way I wanted this website.

4) Mr Basant Rathi  from Kolkata who  gave me rare and difficult to find coins. He has a great collection of British  India coins .He  has published many new varieties in  British India coins. Soon he will be bringing out a book on the same subject.

5) Promod Vernekar from Belgaum  who is responsible for giving me  large part of my collection for last 15 years.

6) G B Siddappa who have been friends for a long time and philatelists and numismatists themselves have given me valuable support  in all my activities.

7) I also like to thank Late Vishwanath Kheria and his son Sudip Kheria, brothers Keerthi Parekh and Bharat Parekh, and Rajaneesh Jain who helped me build my collection.




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